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One of the most important steps when considering permanent makeup is the consultation. It is wise to learn more about the process you are contemplating as well as the training, experience and artistic abilities of the professional you maybe considering to do the work. All my consultations are complimentary, and take around twenty minutes to a half an hour. This is such a short amount of time to invest, but it is time well spent. I am an experienced, well trained technician with eleven years in the field and an extensive portfolio. I have literally thousand of local clients as well as live models available for you to look at! In the consultation, I can also accurately demonstrate how you would look with your own customized permanent makeup. As a portrait artist I have developed several unique methods of application that set my work apart from the less experienced and less expensive. I invite you to come to my studio/gallery to meet me and see my work. Then you can decide who to trust your face too! Deborah Hern If you would like to set up a time or a Complimentary Consultation Call 1-208-665-1841