Your Permanent  Makeup
Question #1 - How long does permanent makeup last? Answer: Permanent makeup lasts a number of years; however, longevity can differ from individual to individual depending on certain conditions. Darker pigments can remain more vivid in the skin for longer periods of time while lighter pigments which are more desirable for blondes, diminish a bit sooner. The average touchup time is around 3 to 5 years. The following list are some of the things that can cause premature lightening or color change. 1. Exposure to sun or tanning beds 2. Facial products that have Retin-A, bleaching creams, glycolic or fruit and AHA acids. 3. Smoking 4. Thyroid disease and medication 5. Cosmetic surgery 6. Age and condition of skin
Question #2 - Is it a tattoo? Answer: Yes, permanent makeup is a tattoo, but traditional tattoo ink is not used or recommended for the face. Permanent makeup pigments are designed pacifically for the face. For most women it is important that that permanent makeup retain a more natural look over time.
Question #3 - Is it Painful? Answer: With the proper application of topical anesthetics, the process is relatively comfortable. Most people do fine.
Question #4 - Do you use your needles over again? Answer: No! Items used for permanent makeup application are in pre sterilized packaging and are used once and then disposed of.
Question #5 - How long does it take permanent to heal? Answer: Brows take about one week, eyeliner about five days and lips one to two weeks.
Frequently Asked Questions 1-5
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