Permanent Makeup is an Art Form
There is evidence though out history that people of many cultures have been using tattoos to enhance their features dating back as far as 3300 B.C. Permanent makeup is an off shoot of these traditions of tattooed body art. In the 1970’s brave artists began bringing the possibilities of permanent makeup tattoo or tattoo cosmetics onto the mainstream. Over the last thirty years permanent makeup has come into its own. Pigments are now especially designed for facial features. The desire for a more natural look has produced some of the industries finest pigments, techniques and tools. The profession is now at its zenith! “Permanent makeup” or ”micro pigmentation” is the placement of pigment color into the dermal layer of the skin to restore and improve facial features. Artistic applications of permanent makeup can be very dramatic or have a soft subtle natural look. We can now customize applications to your own preference! Tired of looking tired? As we age our features begin to diminish and permanent makeup is not about vanity, but rather restoration. Imagine, waking up with beautiful brows, eye liner, thicker darker looking lashes and lips that have definition and color! As a permanent makeup artist and portrait artist, I often move from canvas to skin in a day. After many years of analyzing faces I have come to realize facial symmetry is very rare. Most of us have differing sides to our faces that make our daily makeup application a real challenge. So if you feel as though your features are fading or you suffer from over the counter cosmetic allergens or you are just too busy to bother, maybe now is the time to consider permanent makeup. I have had the pleasure to perform thousands of beautiful permanent make up applications over a span of fourteen years in Coeur d’Alene. I Love making Coeur d’Alene beautiful….... one woman at a time! Deborah Hern
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