Your Permanent  Makeup
Question #7 - If I get cold sores; can I still have my lips done? Answer: Yes! But a regiment of medication for fever blisters and the herpes simplex virus such as or are recommended before any lip application. Most people have a good recovery without an outbreak. However, remember that I am not an MD or a DMD so only your physician or dentist will be able to prescribe the medication that is right for you.
Question #8 - How much does it cost? Answer: When considering the cost, remember, this is your face! There are plenty of inexperienced people doing less then professional work, less expensively, so it is relative. As with most services you do get what you pay for. The only difference with permanent makeup is you will be faced with your decision everyday you look in the mirror. I do not publish my pricelist online, and I have not changed my prices in ten years. I would be happy to provide that information in a complimentary consultation or on a phone call.
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Question #9 - What happens in a consultation? Answer: There are many brow shapes and endless color options, so a consultation is a great opportunity to try on a few different brow shapes and understand the many applications and options for lip and eyeliner. I can give you a good representation of what your permanent makeup will look like. Together we can find the look that is perfect for you!
Question #10 - I have lot of allergens; is there a way for me to be tested to see if permanent makeup is right for me? Answer: Yes........ We can perform a pigment reaction test prior, but I'm happy to say that none of my clients have had an allergic reaction to permanent makeup.
Question #6 - Can I wear makeup right after I get my permanent makeup? Answer: No ….. Freshly applied eyeliner must remain mascara and makeup free for 5 days until the lid line has healed. Brows must remain free of foundation and shadows, moisturizers, and cleansers for one week. Lips as well as should remain lipstick free until healed. All permanent makeup heals quickly with after care ointments. As my client you will be provided with written aftercare instructions and after care ointment.
Frequently Asked Questions 6-10
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